Improve new employee retention and performance

From Day One, the employee has all the information they need to succeed in your business.

Quickly align the employee to your company's culture and values by delivering a consistent company message.

All new employees complete the same induction tasks required to achieve compliance within your organisation.

Maximise New Employee Engagement

A streamlined induction experience is the first step to better employee engagement, leading to improved productivity and performance.

Inspire employee performance in the workplace with effective organisational socialisation processes.

Because a comprehensive induction program can significantly reduce new employee attrition and enhance greater employee productivity and satisfaction, Induction Express coordinates all the tasks your business requires to achieve a full engagement experience with new hires.

The induction process you implement also demonstrates to your new hires your company is willing to invest in them in their new role, and introduce them to the company's culture and values.

"80% of new hires decide to stay or leave within their first 6 months."

Watch your employee satisfaction rise

Watch your employee satisfaction rise

Watch your employee attrition decline

Watch your employee attrition decline

Customised Induction Events

How it works
Induction Express

Support your new employees throughout their Induction process

From Day One, employees are provided with all the information required to understand the organisation’s practices, culture and values, as well as the requirements of their new position. Employees can also add training modules to better succeed in their new role.

100% Compliance

Induction Express guarantees all new employees meet the compliance requirements within the business by acknowledging key policies and procedures. The scheduler ensures that tasks are completed at the appropriate time. All user actions are fully logged and recorded for audit and compliance purposes.

Alignment to your Company’s Identity and Culture

Induction Express creates a welcoming environment by offering a fully branded interface and enhancing induction consistency across divisions, teams and job levels.

Complex event editing

You can organise your tasks into categories (internal, external, scheduled) and types (survey, meeting, review, training, admin task) and the system refreshes them automatically to ensure consistency throughout the company.

Organisational Socialisation and Performance

Induction Express eliminates manual processing on behalf of managers and human resources and provides powerful reporting across the organisation.
Induction Express also provides support for effective feedback processes.

Reliability and flexibility

As a SaaS (Software as a Service), you only need an Internet connection to access the system which is maintained by Affirm.
Induction Express integrates with existing online training systems, and supports external links and media.

= Maximum new employee engagement

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